Welcome to H&H archery

H & H archery are  dedicated to bringing archery to the public. We have a growing reputation as a professional, hard working but flexible team with high standards.

We are passionate about getting children from 6 to 80 involved in a sport that has been practiced for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Every schoolchild has heard of Azincourt where the longbow men from the army of King Henry V took on an enemy 4 times greater in number and defeated them.   H&H want to help keep that archery tradition alive.

We don't shoot at anything that shoots back and we certainly don't kill anything these days but the qualified coaches from H&H will guide you through the skills required to "go for gold" on the modern field of play. H&H would love to meet you and your family so why not come and "loose" a few arrows with us after we have shown you how to do so in safety and under our expert tuition.

Come and hear more about how archery has developed over the years. Get to see and handle bows that Robin Hood would have been familiar with to the very latest bows of 21st century development.

Rest assured we are not fazed by size or ability but we do reserve the right to determine who may not shoot in complete safety. All equipment is provided to give you an entertaining but educational experience.


We do so in a disciplined environment providing:

                                 •  Hand eye coordination

                                 • Improvement in posture

                                 • Numeracy skills

                                 • A link to the history of mankind

H&H were honoured to be asked by Archery GB to organise the first ever "Have a Go" archery events at both the Olympic and Paralympic games.
During the two games a brilliant and hard working team of 16 archery Coaches shot with 18,000 people from all round the world giving some of them their first taste of shooting with a bow and arrow.